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Becoming A Panelist

Have you ever looked at a produce section of a grocery store and wondered: “Who decided to stock Shiitake mushrooms?” Or, “Since when did ‘gluten free’ products begin to appear on grocery shelves?”

Ok, not likely a conversation you would have with your grocery store manager. But have you ever thought who, how and why decisions are made to make certain foods accessible for our consumption? Have you ever thought that someone should be doing more to make healthier food more accessible to everyone in our province? Perhaps you look at labels on food packages and wondered if there was a better way to process food to make it safer or healthier?

If you’ve thought of any of these or other topics related to food, well, we need you as a member of our Food Panel.


By participating on our Food Panel you can make your opinions known to people who decide ‘why we have Shiitake mushrooms’ in our produce section. You can also be actively engaged in the provision of quality food and healthy choices we make as consumers, and influence the way food is grown, processed, innovated, and purchased.

Plus, we will offer other benefits of being a panelist. Unfortunately, it will not involve choosing the next musical sensation of the country – sorry, not that kind of panelist! Instead, for every survey taken, you have the potential opportunity of receiving gift cards. Also, we supply free recipes, and online cooking videos for you to impress your friends and family. Some recipes may include ingredients you’ve shared your opinion on in our monthly surveys.

Food Panelist=Food Hero

The surveys you complete will help determine the food we consume. As a Food Panelist you will be part of a select group of Manitobans who will guarantee a stronger, healthier future for Manitobans.

The information you provide will also remain confidential. You will not be placed on any third party contact list. We are not affiliated with, or provide panelist information to, any marketing research companies or survey providers. (Never fear. We will not reveal your super-hero identity.)

Who Can Become A Panelist?

Not just anyone can be a food panelist. First off, you have to be 18 years of age or older, you must reside in Manitoba, and you have to eat food. And well, that’s about it. (Ok, we didn’t say it would be easy.) Some other stipulations are involved, but they’re not deal breakers…

  • Only one participant per household. (Thumb your nose at family members as you complete your survey).
  • You’ll need an e-mail account so we can send the monthly survey link to you.
  • If you don’t have an e-mail account, or even a computer, you can kick it old school by taking the survey on paper form.

Taking The Survey

The surveys have simple questions, we’re interested in your opinions of food, not your knowledge. You can do them at your convenience, however, each survey will have a deadline to complete them. Don’t sweat it, they only come once every couple of months and only take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

If you need help completing the survey or have any questions about it, we’ll be there to help! Find us through our contact information link.

Why Should I Become A Member? Survey Says…

Everyone likes Shiitake mushrooms! Or, maybe not. But what’s important to us, and the people who grow, process, market or consume food, is what you think of Shiitake mushrooms, or the multitude of other foods we purchase and consume on a daily basis. Your opinions matter because they can determine what foods should remain, be altered, or are missing from store shelves. By becoming a panelist and filling out the surveys you can:

  • Make sure you and your family can continue to purchase the products you are loyal to.
  • Develop new, healthy, good tasting foods that are good for your family and your community.
  • Help create new government policies and programs that will guarantee a strong, healthier future for Manitobans.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Right here. Click on the link below and register online to become a MCM Food Panelist. Your Food, Your Opinion, Your Health is only a click away.



Submit this survey by the deadline, be entered for the opportunity to be chosen at random:

  • 1 of 1 available 8GB Samsung Galaxy Tablet: Monday, 11-December-2017
  • 1 of 10 available $50 Gift Cards: Wednesday, 03-January-2018

There are 11 incentives for this survey. It is not guaranteed that you will be selected for an incentive. As of 29-November-2017, there are 2,333 active members participating in this study.

Consent Letter

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