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When it comes to food and health…what’s YOUR opinion?

The Manitoba Consumer Monitor (MCM) Food Panel is an online survey that asks questions about your opinions, preferences and experiences with food and health. The research findings will be shared with food growers, processors, developers and governments. Each survey takes only 15 minutes to complete, and will guarantee a strong, healthier future for Manitobans.

The Manitoba Consumer Monitor Food Panel is a University of Manitoba project. Funding is provided by the Canada and Manitoba governments through Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

  1. 11-01 Baseline 1 Survey Results (2011)
  2. 11-02 Health Maintenance and Food Safety Survey Results (2011)
  3. 11-03 Local Food and Organic Food Survey Results (2011)
  4. 11-04 Functional Foods: Probiotics, Plant Sterols, Omega-3 Fatty Acids Survey Results (2011)
  5. 12-01 Access to Food, Cooking and Sodium Survey Results (2012)
  6. 12-02 Baseline 2 Survey Results (2012)
  7. 12-04 Access to Food and Farmers’ Market Survey Results (2012)
  8. 12-05 Meat, Alternatives, and Food Safety Survey Results (2012)
  9. 13-01 Breakfast, Food and Health Survey Results (2013)
  10. 14-01 Baseline 3, Snack Bars and Smoothies Survey Results (2014) 
  11. 14-02 Food Safety Survey Results (2014)
  12. 14-03 Pulses Survey Results (2014)
  13. 15-01 Baseline 4 and Sodium Survey Results (2015) 
  14. 15-02 Grains and Gluten Survey Results (2015)
  15. 15-03 Food Labels Survey Results (2015)
  16. 16-01 Access to Food: Locally Produced and Processed Food Survey Results (2016)
  17. 16-02 Purchasing, Perceptions and labelling in Biotechnology Survey Results (2016)
  18. 16-03 Animal welfare, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives and consumer perceptions Survey Results (2016)
  19. 16-04 Made in Manitoba Entrepreneurs
    1. Hemp Seed Snack Bars Survey Results (2016)
    2. Ryazhenka Dairy Yogurt Survey Results (2016)
    3. Beet Condiment Survey Results (2016)
  20. 17-01 Baseline 5, Traceability, Food Safety and Trust Survey Results (2017)
  21. 17-02 Functional Foods: Probiotics, Omega-3’s, Plant Sterols and Sweeteners Survey Results (2017)


We hope you will find our data informative.

If you use any of the study’s data, please credit the study and let us know by email. This will help to assess the effectiveness and reach of the MCM Food Panel study.

Interested in additional analysis of data?

Contact MCM Food Panel directly to access our onsite data terminal where anonymized data can be accessed using onsite statistical software.