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Ever heard the expression “You are what you eat?” It’s a simple, but accurate assessment of our food consumption and its consequences on our health and wellness. At the Manitoba Consumer Monitor (MCM) Food Panel we endeavored to understand what you were eating and why you were eating it. Why was this important? By measuring consumer attitudes and activities involving food purchases and consumption we could provide valuable information for stakeholders involved in producing, processing, legislating and consuming food. Armed with this knowledge, we helped Manitobans to make informed decisions involving food consumption and health.

Who We Were

The ingredients of MCM Food Panel included a little bit of “us” and a lot of “you.” The “us” ingredient consisted of a small team of academic researchers and staff from the University of Manitoba, in the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, Max Rady College of Medicine, Department of Community Health Sciences. The “you” consisted of a Food Panel of people in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba who participated in a longitudinal (continuous) study that looked into attitudes, perceptions and various behaviors involving food purchases and consumption. Our research team gathered information from this community panel, via online surveys or mail, and used it to build studies and disseminate information to stakeholders in government and food-related industries.

How We Were Funded

The MCM Food Panel was a University of Manitoba project. Funding was provided by the Canada and Manitoba governments through Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

Who We Reported To

The MCM Food Panel was an independent project team, however, a Joint Steering Committee of the University of Manitoba and the Manitoba Agriculture provided guidance and direction to the MCM Food Panel to ensure the research and data collection methodology were accurate, credible and ethical.

 A Great Interview…

With “Better Winnipeg” on Global News with Eva Kovacs. Sit down with the MCMFP and Eva to explore the impact our food panel survey can make within the Manitoba community.

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Our Mission

To give a voice to consumers by gathering survey information on their opinion, preferences and experiences with food and health, for the benefit of all Manitobans.


  • Evaluate consumer attitudes and perceptions towards food and health. See what foods consumers are adopting, trends in taste and food preparation.
  • Measure and identify changes in consumer opinions, and the factors determining these changes.
  • Monitor acceptance of food innovations, including health food options.
  • Analyze the implications of trends in consumer attitudes for stakeholders.
  • Disseminate information regarding trends and their implications to support business expansion, food innovation, program development, and policy decision-making.